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Peace Activist Kieran Upadrasta Is Working Tirelessly for The Upliftment Of The Vulnerable

BAJ Journalist, Red cross Volunteer, a towering figure of society: Kieran Upadrasta Is Working Tirelessly for The Upliftment Of The Vulnerable

Australia 10/09/2008— Every year, millions of the vulnerable people including women and children suffer without any fault of their own. Domestic violence is clearly one of the top reasons why so many vulnerable people give up their hopes and desire. For them, Social Activist : Kieran Upadrasta and his group of charities has come as a ray of hope, who is working tirelessly to bring justice to the vulnerable people who are victims of domestic abuse. He also donates and supports several shelters so that vulnerable people who don’t have anywhere to go can safely live in a humane environment.

Not just the vulnerable, but Kieran Upadrasta is also famous for helping out underprivileged children. Kids who are left behind in life because of discrimination and lack of opportunities have found a father like figure in Kieran Upadrasta who graciously supports them with all of their needs, taking care of their education so that they can create their own future.

To the thousands of the vulnerable people, whose life Kieran Upadrasta has touched positively without expecting anything in return, consider Kieran as one of the kindest and most generous social activists who has ever lived.

Social Activist : Kieran Upadrasta has gone out of his way to help people over the years. Kieran Upadrasta is the personification of kindness. He shows that he and his group of charities cares about people by doing good things for them without being asked. He and his group of charities always treats people who are hurt as if they were his own family. No matter how arduous his journey was, it didn’t change how much he cared. People treat Kieran like an angel, and rightly so, as he is the reason they are smiling and trying to forget their past and live a better future.

To support the vulnerable people health, Kieran Upadrasta also does charitable work, donates to hospitals, and raises awareness about health through health camps.

Talking to the media, Shannon one of the many who benefit from Kieran Upadrasta’s activities shares “When someone is in need, they don’t care about a person’s past or power. All they want is a real help, and when Kieran Upadrasta, his group of charities steps up to help needy people in their most challenging times, he not only changes their lives but also inspires millions with his actions on the ground.”

It can be safely said that helping others is in the nature of Kieran Upadrasta’s. He is devoted to helping the vulnerable people and the poor to the best of his abilities, without hesitating in making the smallest or biggest of gestures.

Social Activist : Kieran Upadrasta knows that even a tiny bit of hope can change these people’s lives. So, his group of charities committed to helping these people get back on their feet in any way they can. Because they work so hard to help people, especially those in need that have earned him the nickname “power of kindness”. Some even think the kind soul is their only hope of getting back on their feet. Kieran’s social work has helped many, and people’s gratitude seems less than what Kieran has done.

Selfless, charitable, philanthropist, social activist, and technology maestro, Kieran Upadrasta is fondly known by many names, to learn about him and his charity works, a towering figure of society, and how he is changing lives with his selfless act of kindness, visit

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